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A Fable by Mark Twain

A Fable by Mark Twain One of the fundamental activities (or progymnasmata) rehearsed by understudies of traditional talk was the tale an anecdotal story intended to show an ethical exercise. What exercise about the idea of recognition is contained in A Fable, by American humorist Mark Twain? A Fable by Mark Twain Sometime in the distant past, a craftsman who had painted a little and extremely delightful picture set it with the goal that he could see it in the mirror. He stated, This copies the separation and relax it, and it is twice as flawless as it was previously. The creatures out in the forested areas knew about this through the housecat, who was incredibly respected by them since he was so learned, thus refined and socialized, thus amiable and high-reproduced, and could let them know so much which they didnt know previously, and were not sure about a short time later. They were abundantly amped up for this new bit of tattle, and they posed inquiries, in order to get at a full comprehension of it. They asked what an image was, and the feline clarified. It is a level thing, he said; magnificently level, superbly level, enchantingly level and rich. What's more, goodness, so delightful! That energized them nearly to a furor, and they said they would give the world to see it. At that point the bear inquired: Would could it be that makes it so wonderful? It is its vibes, said the feline. This filled them with deference and vulnerability, and they were more energized than any time in recent memory. At that point the dairy animals inquired: What is a mirror? It is a gap in the divider, said the feline. You look in it, and there you see the image, and it is so humble and beguiling and ethereal and motivating in its impossible magnificence that your head turns all around, and you nearly swoon with delight. The ass had not said anything so far; he presently started to toss questions. He said there had been nothing as delightful as this previously, and presumably wasnt now. He said that when it took an entire basketful of sesquipedalian modifiers to challenge up a wondrous thing, it was the ideal opportunity for doubt. It was anything but difficult to see that these questions were having an impact upon the creatures, so the feline went off outraged. The subject was dropped for a few days, yet meanwhile, interest was taking a new beginning, and there was a recovery of intrigue detectable. At that point the creatures pounced upon the ass for ruining what might have been a joy to them, on a negligible doubt that the image was not delightful, with no proof that such was the situation. The ass was not pained; he was quiet, and said there was one approach to discover who was morally justified, himself or the feline: he would proceed to glance in that gap, and return and determine what he discovered there. The creatures felt eased and appreciative and requested that he go at oncewhich he did. However, he didn't have a clue where he should stand; thus, through blunder, he remained between the image and the mirror. The outcome was that the image got no opportunity, and didnt appear. He got back and stated: The feline lied. There was nothing in that opening except for an ass. There wasnt an indication of a level thing noticeable. It was an attractive ass, and well disposed, yet only an ass, and that's it. The elephant inquired: Did you see it great and clear? Is it safe to say that you were near it? I saw it great and clear, O Hathi, King of Beasts. I was near such an extent that I contacted noses with it. This is weird, said the elephant; the feline was consistently honest beforeas far as we could make out. Allow another observer to attempt. Go, Baloo, look in the opening, and come and report. So the bear went. At the point when he returned, he stated: Both the feline and the ass have lied; there was nothing in the opening except for a bear. Incredible was the shock and puzzlement of the creatures. Each was presently on edge to make the test himself and get at the straight truth. The elephant sent them each in turn. To start with, the dairy animals. She didn't discover anything in the gap yet a bovine. The tiger discovered nothing in it except for a tiger. The lion discovered nothing in it except for a lion. The panther discovered nothing in it except for a panther. The camel found a camel, and that's it. At that point Hathi was wroth, and said he would have reality, on the off chance that he needed to proceed to bring it himself. At the point when he returned, he manhandled his entire subjectry for liars, and was in an unappeasable rage with the good and mental visual deficiency of the feline. He said that anyone however a partially blind nitwit could see that there was nothing in the gap except for an elephant. MORAL, BY THE CAT You can discover in a book whatever you bring, on the off potential for success that you will have among it and the reflection of your creative mind. You may not see your ears, however they will be there.

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Do Children Read Purely For Enjoyment Education Essay

The term perusing for pleasance is the 1 utilized most every now and again in legitimate British course of study paperss. Delight and pleasure are the two words that happen, for outline, in England ‘s National Curriculum ( NC ) projects of review for perusing ( DfEE/QCA, 1999: 46 ) . Perusing is an of import first measure to self-improvement, and to cultural, monetary and municipal life ( Holden, 2004 refered to in Clark and Rumbold, 2006 ) . It permits us to larn â€Å" about others, about history and cultural surveies, semantic correspondence, logical control, science, and the other substance subjects that must be aced in school. The National Literacy Trust characterized perusing for pleasance as â€Å" perusing that we do of our ain through and through freedom, expecting the fulfillment that we will procure from the demonstration of perusing. It other than alludes to perusing that holding started at individual else ‘s request we proceed in light of the fact that we are keen on it † Nell ( 1988 ) , other than states that perusing for pleasance is a signifier of dramatization that permits us to see different universes and capacities in our innovativeness. This is bolstered by Holden ( 2004 refered to in Clark and Rumbold, 2006 ) who other than viewed perusing as a â€Å" originative action † that is far expelled from the latent pursue it is regularly seen to be. Others, for example, Graff ( 1992 ) have portrayed perusing for pleasance as an interpretative movement, which is molded by the peruser ‘s viewpoints and encounters each piece great as by the cultural settings wherein it takes topographic point. Be that as it may, perusing for pleasance could be depicted as being considerably more than simply a signifier of dramatization and break ; it is other than a way of connecting with a book. Pullman ( 2004 ) , composed on the attributes that make perusing pleasurable: â€Å" See the idea of what happens when we read a book†¦ It is n't care for a discussion: its like a discussion. There ‘s a back-and-forthness about it. The book proposes, the peruser requests, the book reacts, the peruser considers. Furthermore, we are dynamic about the procedure†¦ We can plane or we can peruse it simple ; we can peruse each word, or we can hop long changes ; we can peruse it in the request it introduces itself, or we can peruse it in any request we please ; we can take a gander at the last page preeminent, or decide to hang tight for it ; we can put the book down and†¦ we can agree or we can contrast. † This implantation has been taken from a Guardian article, and is composed by the essayist Phillip Pullman. He portrays perusing as a just action in light of the fact that the peruser can assume responsibility for what they read. On the different manus, he expresses that theocracies have a tight idea of what education is, in that they trust it contains simply a certain something, and has just one plan ( Pullman, 2004 ) . In spite of the fact that the article was well on the way to hold been composed with adults in head, the mixture taken could be applied to perusers everything being equal. All definitions fit in with thought of perusing for pleasance. Associating with a book empowers the peruser to indict to the full in what they are perusing. Be that as it may, when occupied with a book we can see various universes and capacities which can spread out our imaginativenesss.Are kids perusing for pleasance?Harmonizing to Clark and Rumbold ( 2006 ) , inquire about proposes that a turning figure of children do non read for pleasance, and that there seems, by all accounts, to be a decrease in the Numberss of children perusing for pleasance over clasp. Somewhere in the range of 2000 and 2009, on standard, the per centum of children who announced perusing for happiness everyday dropped by 5 % , from 69 % to 64 % ( OECD, 2010 ) . This signals the test for schools to indict juvenile individuals in perusing exercises that they find important and intriguing. The main role of the examination directed by Clark and Rumbold ( 2006 ) was to look into perusing for pleasance, with the boss point of convergence being on kids. Their examination has been utilized an incredible exchange inside this paper for its pertinence to the task rubric. This assurance is bolstered by grounds from the Progress in International Reading Literacy Study ( PIRLS ) , which demonstrated that mentalities to perusing hold declined fairly in England ( in 2006 contrasted with 2001 ) ( Twist et al. 2007 refered to in ESARD, 2012 ) . What was found featured that kids in England had more negative perspectives to perusing than kids in most different states. It was other than distinguished that misss all things considered appreciate perusing more than young men. This is taken a gander at, additional in profundity, farther on in the paper. Furthermore, an examination by the distributing houses Pearson, who addressed teachers, distinguished that 74 % cautioned that understudies did non pass sufficient clasp perusing outside the schoolroom ( BBC News, 2012 ) . Youngsters ‘s author Frank Cottrell Boyce features the issue by expressing, â€Å" It ‘s stressing to accept that such a significant number of juvenile children are non being roused to get a decent book and secure lost in an account. † ( BBC News, 2012 ) . This features an unmistakable interest to do sure that children are being given the correct kinds of books which animate their contribution, catch their innovativeness and do them want to turn the accompanying page.Why do kids read?Evidence recommends that perusing for pleasance is non ever refered to as the central ground for kids perusing. Surveies have investigated the issue of why children read and there have been similar results. The greater part of children studied reacted with achievemen ts based grounds, grounds to make with procurement and misgiving, or enthusiastic grounds ( ESARD, 2012 ) . This is upheld by an examination directed by the National Literacy Trust ( NLT ) as part of Reading Connects ( Clark and Foster, 2005 ) , who found that the majority of children underscored achievements related justification for perusing. One-portion of the children said they read since it is an achievement forever and on the grounds that it will help them happen what they need or need to cognize. More male childs than misss detailed that they read since it will help them secure an occupation or in light of the fact that they need to. Young ladies showed that perusing is fun, shows them how others live and in light of the fact that it gives them an interference. In any case, a review led by Dungworth et Al ( 2004 ) demonstrated results that sharp more emphatically towards pleasance being a ground for kids perusing. This fitted in with the idea that perusing was passionate, and identified with the way perusing made them experience. A few children other than said that they read since it was relax uping. It ought to be noticed that this examination was only directed with twelvemonth 5 understudies and consequently does non perhaps demo a genuine portrayal of elementary school children everything being equal. The writing recommends that there is a part between grounds why children read. On the one manus there are the children who read for happiness and for unwinding, while others do it mainly in light of the fact that it is instructive and illuminating. Be that as it may, the majority of children do hope to tilt towards more expertise related grounds with respect to why they read. This demonstrates the pleasance might be removed from perusing for them.The benefits connected with perusing for pleasance?Research with kids has indicated that perusing for pleasance is emphatically connected with numerous advantages. Clark and Rumbold ( 2006:8-9 ) recognized these central nations as the advantages to perusing for pleasance in the National Literacy Trust ‘s Reading for Pleasure: Understanding accomplishment and making capacity ; Content perception and syntax ; Broadness of jargon ; Positive perusing perspectives ; More prominent confidence as a peruser ; Delight in perusing in ulterior life ; General insight ; A superior trepidation of different human advancements ; Network commitment, and A more prominent infiltration into human instinct and dynamic Orchestrating to the National Literacy Trust, they are devoted to building an educated state and stress the significance of perusing for pleasance as one way to advance proficiency fulfillment in kids. So also, Clark and De Zoysa ( 2011 ) , who have been alluded to underneath, other than focussed their exploration on juvenile individuals. Because of the intricacy of a portion of the requests and builds, they chose to reduce the age extent of take separating understudies to upper KS2 ( 9-11 mature ages and more established ) , consequently the discoveries can non be summed up to all understudies in lower KS2 and KS1. Perusing for pleasance in KS1 and lower KS2 is a nation that necessitates increasingly point of convergence and research. Clark and De Zoysa ( 2011 ) found a significant positive connection among pleasure and achievement. This demonstrates kids who read more are other than better perusers. In any case, they made no conclusion sing cause and result, subsequently higher accomplishment may take to greater delight in perusing or more noteworthy happiness may take to higher fulfillment. In a major graduated table investigation, Clark ( 2011 ) in like manner found that the individuals who revealed lolling perusing were multiple times almost certain than the individuals who did non luxuriate perusing to peruse over the normal degree for their age. Conversely, kids who detailed non lolling perusing at all were multiple times almost certain than the individuals who delighted in perusing to peruse beneath the degree expected for their age. It was other than discovered that only one out of 10 children who read only from time to time or ne'er, scored over the degree expected for their age contrasted and one out of three of juvenile individuals who read regular. This is again emphatically upheld by PIRLS, who detailed that â€Å" there is a solid relationship between the entirety of perusing for pleasance kids revealed and their understanding achievement. † Guthrie and Wigfield ( 2000 ) other than found that kids, who become connected with perusing, furnish themselves with â€Å" unconstrained † larning chances that are commensurate to a few mature ages of guidance. They other than recognized that kids with an inspirational disposition to perusing are bound to design the perusing achievements they are l

No Se Essays

No Se Essays No Se Essay No Se Essay Clarify every one of your answers utilizing the Problem-Solving Technique 1. A cylinder chamber gadget at first contains 0. 07 m3 of nitrogen at 130 kPa and 120oC. The nitrogen is currently extended polytropically to a condition of 100 kPa and 100oC. Decide the limit work during this procedure. 2. A cylinder chamber gadget with a lot of stops at first contains 0. 3 kg of steam at 1. 0 MPa and 400oC. The area of the stops relates to 60 percent of the underlying volume. Presently the steam is cooled. Decide the pressure work if the last state is (a) 1. Mpa and 250 oC and (b) 500 kPa. (c) Also decide the temperature at the last state to a limited extent (b) 3. A frictionless cylinder chamber gadget at first contains 200L of immersed fluid refrigerant-134a. The cylinder is allowed to move, and its mass is to such an extent that it keeps up a weight of 900 kPa on the refrigerant. The refrigerant is currently warmed until its temperature ascends to 70oC. Ascertain the work done during this procedure. 4. A mass of 2. 4 kg of air at 150 kPa and 12oC is contained in a gas-tight, frictionless cylinder chamber gadget. The air is currently packed to a last weight of 600 kPa. During the procedure, heat is moved from the air with the end goal that the temperature inside the chamber stays consistent. Figure the work contribution during this procedure. 5. Immerse water fume at 200oC is isothermally dense to a soaked fluid in a cylinder chamber gadget. Figure the warmth move and the work done during this procedure in kJ/kg. 6. A protected cylinder chamber gadget contains 5 L of immersed fluid water at a steady weight of 175 kPa. Water is mixed by an oar wheel while a momentum of 8 A streams for 45 min through a resistor set in the water. In one-portion of the fluid is dissipated during this consistent weight process and the oar wheel work adds up to 400 kJ, decide the voltage of the source. Additionally, show the procedure on a P-v outline as for the immersion lines. 7. 1-kg of oxygen is warmed from 25oC to 300oC. Decide the measure of warmth moved required when this is finished during an (a) steady volume procedure and (b) isobaric process.

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Marketing Environment Audit & Marketing Plan - Porter Forces Analysis

Question: Depict about the advertising condition review and showcasing plan of the Power Up drink? Answer: Presentation Catalyst is a caffeinated drink presented by a UK based startup-Pure Health Pvt Ltd. The objective of the organization is to make its most recent caffeinated drink Power Up as the unrivaled and driving caffeinated drink in the household advertise at first and afterward step by step extend in the worldwide market. The crucial the organization is to turn into the pioneer in delivering the caffeinated drink through natural and clean procedure. This report would talk about the advertising condition review and promoting plan of the Power Up drink. The report would likewise assess the showcasing correspondence exercises of the contenders of Power Up drink in the caffeinated drink segment. Promoting Environment Audit Job of the promoting condition review Promoting Audit is an effective assessment of an advertising exercises, strategies, goals and condition with a point of view to recognizing key issues, issue territories and openings. It assumes a key job in arranging the business course of action for promoting in a particular market and is valuable for sketching out showcasing plan. This procedure of advertising review is the piece of the review procedure by the administration which joins money related review, faculty review and activities review. The showcasing plan will be essentially equivalent to the game plan of information in which it arranged on. There are various apparatuses and techniques that can be used to lead showcasing review. According to Ph. Kotler, M. McDonald and H. Meffert-showcasing review is a thorough, exact, free and discontinuous assessment of exercises, condition, objectives and methodology of the association, which hopes to perceive issue reaches and openings and proposition for additional movement to smoot h out promoting association. Advertising Audit process is the reason whereupon a course of action of action to improve execution of the showcasing procedure can be manufactured. The promoting review process offers responses to requests: How the association is acting in agreement to the client discernment, gainfulness, and piece of the overall industry? What may it achieve in the event that it continues seeking after its current procedures and where it is coming to? What are its approachs how has it come to here? Probably the best instrument of examining the advertising Audit is SWOT examination. Quality: Power Up is a provocative, nervy, forceful brand. Being a new business it has chosen to dispatch heaps of advancements and battles for the intended interest groups and furthermore sponsorships. It is natural and new squeeze. Furthermore they are making some engaged and forceful promoting efforts that demonstrate clear methodologies and objectives. Shortcoming: Weakness is that the organization don't have any notoriety in the market. Individuals don't know about the brand. They have little staff. There is a need of parcel of recruits to prepare for and appropriate authoritative learning. Since individuals have become tech-savy setting up great notoriety on the web will be very troublesome. Opportunity: There is a developing requirement for natural items in the market. Since the organization Pure Health Pvt Ltd will concentrate on utilizing natural elements for setting up the caffeinated drink there is a chance to catch the natural market. The organization would concentrate on Government Programs to help the caffeinated drink advancements. Also the new age target crowds acknowledge top of the line names and packaging so this is an open door for Pure wellbeing to address the issue. Risk: The business division is developing and growing with numerous chances, however advancements in the innovation will be bit hard to adjust. Any sort of wrong change in the focal point of the organization may get trouble for the brand to continue in the serious market. Also numerous organizations in this division are setting up vertical reconciliation process through setting up their gracefully and dissemination channels. There are gigantic changes in the costs being provided. High rivalry in the market is making new advertising efforts. Full scale (outside) condition The outer condition of the organization can be broke down utilizing the PESTLE apparatus (Political, financial, social, mechanical, lawful and natural). Political: The caffeinated drinks politically is under scrutiny as a result of events where numerous caffeinated drink organizations utilizations has provoked passings ordinarily related to alcohol usage. While these passings are less yet are under the thought of media. Financial: The industry of caffeinated drink has continued stretching out at a twofold figure rate for the latest decade, this improvement has commonly been unaffected by the downturn has beated other for all intents and purposes indistinguishable business ventures. This is genuinely a show of the creating omnipresence of caffeinated drinks especially as they tend to be altogether more luxurious than substitutes, for instance, mineral espresso. There is a lull of overall figures of caffeinated drink in the created economies. Social: The organizations of caffeinated drinks are amazingly unique on informal communication destinations, for instance, Facebook Twitter. Socially the caffeinated drink brands are viewed as cool in light of the convincing games picture bunch sponsorships. This cool picture has helped associations to end up being well known with clubbers, understudies drivers. Be that as it may, these beverages get a significant proportion of criticism through new mechanized media, for instance, locales, especially in association with passings that were achieved by unreasonable utilization of caffeinated drink with spirits. Liquor utilizations together with these caffeinated drinks are genuinely celebrated among clubbers and understudies as a result of the vitality it supports. Also, numerous organizations of caffeinated drink are being cleared up in the general wellbeing design which has existed for whatever length of time that couple of years, has realized the appearance of alternatives for sugar . Mechanical: Technological elements are basically confined to improved collecting transport limit. Improvement in this industry tends to start from division of item. The most basic Technological consider the Energy Drinks Industry is the Internet. This creation has allowed people over the world interface with the brands from the comfort of their home, regardless of whether it is viral promotions to make buzz on YouTube ever or essentially working together with their internet organizing page. Lawful: Legitimately there is a growing measure being taken against each and every unfortunate items in the market, for instance, soft drinks, especially in association with advancing at kids. Caffeinated drinks explicitly are taking a lot of fire from political establishments which are planning to most extreme their motivation of offer. This is down to two reasons rising heaviness among youths adults, moreover the noticeable passings associated with the utilization of caffeinated drink. Natural: While there is certain defilements cause by the amassing of caffeinated drinks. The Industry is extraordinarily fixated on bundling reusing. The most notable sort of bundling is the aluminum can which is 100% recyclable. A level of the most economical brands do utilize bundling utilizing plastic for their items anyway these are less recyclable. Key contemporary patterns The deals of caffeinated drinks overall came to 44 billion out of 2014 (about $49.9 billion), as demonstrated by, an online news organization covering the refreshment and food industry. That is a 5% increase in excess of 2013 arrangements. Caffeinated drinks are a bit of the more broad soda pop grouping, which fuses carbonated refreshments, nourishments developed from the games drinks, filtered water, vegetable juices and refreshment concentrates. The market of caffeinated drink has gotten immersed, making it difficult for little and new associations to battle. No associations appear to speak to an authentic hazard to Rockstar, Monster or Red Bull execution. There might be room in the market for caffeinated drink in for associations that different themselves from the fundamental players' brands, which look strikingly similar in their publicizing, progressions, and sponsorships. Contenders face troubles, for instance, flow, getting rack space, and overall contribution something fascinating from the enormous three-Red Bull, Rockstar and Monster. Second pattern in the market of caffeinated drink is with additional fixings that ought to improve athletic execution and recovery. We may furthermore start seeing more caffeinated drinks beetroot concentrate and creatine, n-acetyl-l-tyrosine, protein, spread chain amino acids (BCAAs). Other decently new diverse assortments of existing caffeinated drink have offering centers like no caffeine, no calories, no sugar and no carbs. There are also coffee flavors and non-carbonated flavors. Other advancing strategies consolidate confined variant drinks offered just in certain store chains and flavors altered for particular countries. The non-mixed beverage industry has been changed because of the presentation of this caffeinated drinks in the market. As Generation Y ages, they will extend favor caffeinated drinks that fit into a more beneficial, more grow lifestyle. Drink associations prepared to abuse this segment development will end up on top. With close vague decisions clients get perplexed and head to robustness as the main mover this tends to be Red Bull. Mammoth took care of this test by introducing things and flavors for each taste understanding that once a customer at long last endeavored and found a Monster drink they acknowledged they'd be progressively disposed to endeavor other Monster things later on. Animal is so far concentrating on a similar market as Red Bull anyway its doing as such with thing partition. Separation as far as experience, quality, value, bundling and fixings can be skirting on any. Doormen Five Forces investigation Substitute dangers: Th

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49 High-Paying Work From Home Jobs

49 High-Paying Work From Home Jobs There are several factors that affect productivity and job satisfaction: the rate of pay, the nature of the work, and the demands of the job. These are the primary considerations why people decide to take the job being offered to them. But the workplace is also another factor that is taken into consideration. If the individual is comfortable with the place where he is supposed to do his work, he is bound to perform better.And where else would a person feel most comfortable? Yes, at home. That is where he feels most at ease and relaxed, so it can also be said to be one of the places that are most conducive to working and productivity. But not all jobs can be done directly from home, right? © | Jacob LundWell, thats how it used to be back in the day. Times are changing in the labor landscape, and careers can now flourish even from home. Surprisingly, many of these people who prefer to set up their offices at home even earn quite a substantial amount of money, probably even more than those who regularly travel to work.In this guide, we explore 1) why work from home and 2) high-paying jobs you can perform from home.WHY WORK FROM HOME?Telecommuting is clearly the trend in the workforce today, with more and more workers able to work from home (or from anywhere, really) as long as they have access to the internet and a telephone. But what, exactly, are the advantages that an individual can have if he decides to work from home instead of looking for a job in a regular office?More quality time with familyOne of the biggest gripes against family men (and women) having their own careers is that they end up spending less time with family. They tend to become too busy and too caught up with work that they rarely see their children or spouses.Working from home changes that, because they will be basically doing all the work in the same place where their family members are. It is easier to spend time with them, and even monitor them when they are doing their homework, or simply playing around in the yard.Working from home is a great way to improve ones work-life balance, because they have their personal lives and professional lives in very close proximity with each other. They are even in the same place!Reduced travel time to and from workTime is money, and any idle time spent travelling to and from home and work is already money wasted. There are many employees who complain about spending more than an hour on the ride or drive to work, so they have to get up extra early to prepare for work.When they get home, it is already very late, and they are too tired to do anything else except go to sleep.Greater flexibilityOne of the greatest attractio ns of working from home is that you are your own boss. There is no one to tell you what to do and how to do them, because you make the decisions.You call the shots. You decide your schedule and other work-related timings, and you can rearrange or fix your schedule with the most convenience.Cost savingsCompare your expenses when you go to a regular office every day and when you work from home instead.Transport costs. These include the fare (if you commute to and from work), toll, fuel (if you drive your own car to and from work), and vehicle maintenance. These will be greatly reduced if you work from home, because youd be using your car less, maybe only for that trip to the supermarket or the grocery store.Food or meals. When you are outside, you have no choice but to eat out at a restaurant or get takeaway. Even snacks to eat in between meals will cost you. At home, you can prepare your own meals, and you can even choose what you want to eat, instead of having to pick from a menu.Wa rdrobe costs. Going to the office requires that you adhere to a certain dress code. Youd have to spend money on clothes and shoes, and other accessories that will make you look presentable and professional. You do not have to worry just as much if you work from home. You dont have to go by a strict formal dress code, or impress anyone else with how dressed up and made up you are.Utilities and other fixed expenses. If you have an office somewhere else, youd have to pay for fixed expenses such as rent, telephone, electricity, water and overhead. You are looking at two separate sets of bills every month: one for the office and another for your home. The good thing about working from home is that you can split and share these expenses, and youll only have to pay for one set of bills.But we have to be fair, and point out that working from home has its disadvantages, too.DistractionsIt may be hard to concentrate on your work if your pet is constantly sniffing around you. You may have a di fficult time getting anything done if you are also busy keeping an eye on the kids playing in the yard. In the middle of a crucial task, you may suddenly remember that there is a pressing chore that you have to do. Some friends, neighbors, and relatives may even drop by unannounced for a spontaneous visit, and that means you have to set your work aside for a while.There are a lot of distractions that you may contend with when you work from home. After all, it is not a place originally meant or designed for working.Lack of competitionYou are mostly by yourself at home, working. If you are naturally competitive, this may not be the most ideal environment for you. At the office, youd probably be working really hard, if only to make sure that you turn in as much output as the others.At home, there is no one to compete with, and nothing to motivate you into finishing a job quickly.Plenty of opportunities to slack offWhen you are feeling less motivated to do some work for the day, it is e asy to find reasons to slack off and delay doing anything for the next few hours or so.There is the bed; you can just take a nap. There is the pool; maybe you can take a dip for a bit, just to cool yourself off. Oh, and there is the kitchen. How about whipping something up and do some work after?Melding of personal life and workThere is also the danger that your personal life and work may overlap. There wont be any clear separation between the two, and this can be quite problematic, since it is bound to affect any major decisions you make.It gets lonelyThe kids are off to school. Your spouse is off to work. Except for your pets, there is no one else in the house with you. This can be quite lonely. It is also harder to form relationships with people other than family. There are no employees to chat or brainstorm with. If this persists, your network may become very limited, which wont do your business and professional prospects any good in the long term.But these should not be a probl em. As Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer said, when you love what you do, youll work like you mean it, no matter where you are. It quickly becomes a question of whether you love and enjoy the job that you are doing. Whether it is done in a regular office, or from home, as long as it is something you find satisfaction in doing, the location of the workplace does not matter much.Read this interesting vision of the future of work.[slideshare id=45483056doc=thefutureofworkfinaljanuarysm-150305120946-conversion-gate01w=710h=400]HIGH-PAYING WORK-FROM-HOME JOBSThe pay is another incentive for people to decide to work remotely from home. Surprisingly, there are a lot of work-from-home jobs that allow you to earn at least USD 70,000 a year, and you dont even have to work every day and all hours of the week to earn that much!Freelance work these days offer the highest degree of flexibility, particularly in terms of where the work will be performed. That is why they are the first ones that come to mind when we speak of work-from-home jobs.But freelance jobs are not the only ones that provide substantial pay. Here we will try to take a look at what these jobs are, as compiled from sources such as and the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Maybe you can find one that is perfect for you.#1. Supervisory AttorneyPay: $150,000 annuallySenior attorneys, or those with substantial experience, reach a point where they are no longer keen on commuting to the office every work day. So they prefer to work from home except, however, for those times that they have to appear in court.Telecommuting is how they choose to do their work, which is essentially to provide legal advice and even prepare complex depositions for clients, even without meeting with them in person.#2. Document Review AttorneyPay: $ 135,000 annual averageYes, legal jobs may also be performed from home. Legal document review is something that many attorneys do in order to gain legal experience, and make money at the same ti me. It does not require commuting to and from work, which means it can be easily done from home. He is not required to appear in court or even meet with clients.Instead, he sorts through a lot of documents and rates them depending on their relevance. A document review attorney often works for law firms, and is meant to provide assistance to lawyers who do not have time to wade through tons of documents.#3. Software EngineerPay: $130,000 annual averageThe primary task of a software engineer, which he can do from home, is to develop and run software programs, troubleshooting technical issues and debugging programs. Senior software engineers may also assemble their own team, mostly composed of other software engineers, from all over the globe, to provide their services.Learn about what a software engineer is doing at Airbnb. #4. Cloud EngineerPay: $127,000 annual averageCompanies are starting to recognize the benefits of using cloud-based solutions, but they cannot afford personnel to take care of it full-time. Thus, they hire freelance cloud engineers, who will help them implement, maintain and troubleshoot these cloud-based solutions.#5. Web Designer/DeveloperPay: $75,000 annual averageHis task is to develop, create and code web pages for individuals and companies. They take care of the technical and graphical side of things. This may earn them up to $75,000 a year. However, they may stay on to perform maintenance.#6. Senior Web Designer/DeveloperPay: $130,000 annual averageHighly experienced web designers continue on to become Senior Web Designers and Developers. Granted, this job has heavier and bigger responsibilities, not just the creation and coding aspect.#7. Senior Medical WriterPay: $115,000 annual averageHealthcare companies and similar organizations source services of freelance medical writers, whose main tasks include reviewing medical information, and writing and editing medical-related documents. Of course, preference is given to those who are fami liar with the medical field.#8. Senior Technical WriterPay: $110,000 annual averageTechnical writers are expected to produce high-quality documentation (often requiring substantial amount of research) on various topics required by the client. He has to create this documentation in accordance with applicable standards and guidelines. Examples of documentation produced are manuals, developer guides, and online help.#9. Systems EngineerPay: $100,000 annual averageSenior systems engineers can easily perform their tasks without stepping out of their homes. They can design and work on software, hardware or network systems and be in charge of their day-to-day administration and upkeep.They may also be tasked to oversee the planning, design and implementation of system engineering projects of the company they work for.Senior systems engineer can earn as much as $142,000.#10. Financial ManagerPay: $100,000 annual averageA financial manager working straight out of his home office to manage cl ient accounts and helps them make decisions on matters such as budgets and spending.When needed, they also prepare the relevant financial reports. They give advice on investment decisions and basically help the client manage his own finances.#11. Audit ManagerPay: $100,000 annual averageAudit managers are the ones who conduct financial and operational audits for their clients. As long as all the financial documents and source materials are available, audit may be performed at the audit manager’s home.#12. Financial AnalystPay: $100,000 annual averageMainly, a financial analyst assists with the preparation of periodic financial analysis schedules. The client provides him with the data on actual and budget spending reports, and he will come up with the analysis of the variances.He is also the one tasked to provide detailed financial budgets and forecasts, and make recommendations based on the results of his analysis. An entry-level financial analyst can make $60,000 per year while t he most senior position can fetch up to $150,000.Interestingly there are even high paying jobs for which you dont need a college degree. Crazy! #13. Freelance Content WriterPay: Around $76,000 annually, full-timePrivate companies, agencies, enterprises and other organizations that want to establish their online presence through their websites and blogs approach freelance writers to create original and well-written content for them. Content writers that charge by the hour are paid anywhere between $10 and $100 hourly.#14. Freelance Editor or Copy EditorPay: Around $80,000 annually, full-timeAll he needs is his exceptional editing, proofreading and communication skills (journalism skills are also an advantage), and he can focus on working on improving various editorial content. Companies hire editors primarily to review content for their publications and other written materials.They mostly work from home and, just like content writers, are also often bound by tight deadlines that they must meet.#15. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) SpecialistPay: Around $90,000 annuallyThis job offers a high level of flexibility. He is responsible for working on organic growth initiatives, analysis on critical head terms, keyword research and backlink analysis, all in the comfort of his own home.#16. Graphics DesignerPay: Around $90,000 annuallyArtistic skills and an eye for detail can also be marketable skills that will earn you a substantial amount of money, even when you do it from work. Creative graphics designers are in demand in the creation of designs for product labels and various advertising materials, among others.#17. Legal consultantPay: $100,000 annual averageLawyers may also opt to provide legal advice on a contractual basis. Some charge by the hour, and those who are just starting out may charge around $70 per hour. Once they have established themselves and gained a good reputation as a legal consultant, however, they may start receiving, on average, $100,000 per year. Naturally, lawyers will get paid more.Non-lawyers, but who are also considered to be experts in the legal field, like a paralegal, may also take on this job, but get paid less. On average, he may receive $60,000 annually.#18. Business processes and operations consultantPay: Around $90,000 annuallyBusiness consultants offer their services to companies and entrepreneurs, using their expertise in business processes, business operations, operations analysis and workflow, among others. They are called in to spot problems, and they may be required to go on site several times.They will gather all the information they need, and do the rest at home. Whether the business consultant chooses to work part-time or full-time, he can provide his services through telecommuting.#19. AnimatorPay: $86,000 annual averageAnimators can set up shop in their own homes just with their computers and other tools. They are responsible for the creation of works such as cartoons and other similar media. Som e opt to be affiliated with established companies, while others prefer to remain freelance as character animators.#20. Tax AccountantPay: Around $85,000 seasonal (higher if retained on an advising capacity)Although this job is seasonal (mainly during the tax season), tax accounting can make as much as $90,000. His primary task is to complete paperwork for taxes of organizations and individuals. The job can also be full-time if he provides audit assistance on tax-related issues.#21. Financial PlannerPay: $80,000 annual averageMore and more people are now becoming conscious about managing their finances. They are no longer content with making the decisions themselves, so they seek the help of experts. Many work-from-home financial planners help individuals, groups and companies maximize their income, savings and investments.In some instances, they also act as instructors, teaching people how to manage their own finances. The highest-paid financial planners can get as much as $120,000 per year.#22. User Experience DesignerPay: $72,000 annual averageBasically, a user experience designer is one who creates attractive and functional designs for end users. It could be for a product design or the design of a software application.They take into consideration the needs and preferences of the users in making the designs, which means that, although they may work from home, they have to immerse themselves in the user experience, to understand what the users want. Established user experience designers may earn up to $112,000 annually.Interested in what type of work a user experience designer typically does? Watch this video. #23. Freelance TranslatorPay: $72,000 annual averagePeople who are fluent in foreign languages and highly skilled at translating can also use this ability as a source of income, especially if they prefer working from home. To guarantee higher pay, obtaining certifications would be beneficial.In the United States, ATA-certified translators can make an av erage of $72,000 in a year, while non-certified translators can earn a little more than $50,000 annually.#24. Mobile app/Software testerPay: $90,000 annual averageThe job of a mobile app or software tester is to test the software or mobile application developed for professional or consumer use. He plays a vital role in the quality assurance and control of the software or app.He will also create the documentation of the steps performed in the testing. Again, this is another job that can be easily done from home.#25. Market ResearcherPay: $90,000 annuallyInstead of spending time performing market research, organizations outsource this task to expert market researchers, who will research all aspects on the market on their behalf. They are responsible for gathering data on the market, the competitors, and historical data on pricing, supply and demand.They play a very important role in the preparation of various marketing plans, since they are also adept at tracking and analysis of marke ting and sales trends. Their input aids in the decision-making processes of organizations, and the forecasts they prepare are tools that will be of use to decision-makers.#26. Grant WriterPay: Up to $70,000 annuallyA grant writer is one who is in charge of writing applications for grant money. His task is mostly on the identification, development, and writing of grant proposals.Employers that look for a grant writer include universities, hospitals and other non-profit organizations seeking funding through grants.#27. Voice ActorPay: At least $100 per job or per projectThere are several companies that provide home-based voice over job opportunities. How it works is that the voice over actor can do or record his voiceovers at home, send them to the company, and then he gets paid for it! The basic tools are your voice, a great quality microphone, a working computer, and internet connection to use to send or submit the completed audio files.This can be quite a lucrative job. On average, a voice actor gets paid around $100 for a 15-second recording and $250 for a 60-second recording. Those who get lucky and record an entire audiobook can earn as much as $3,000 for the entire project.#28. Major Gifts OfficerPay: $90,000 annuallyWhat does a Major Gifts Officer do, exactly? He uses his sales skills and organizational skills to cultivate and solicit donors for large-sum donations. He may have to travel occasionally, but once he manages to establish himself in the right circles, he can do his work purely from home.His other tasks include coordinating fund-raising programs and activities and oversee communication with existing donors and prospective donors.#29. Medical Claims ProcessorPay: $85,000 annual averageHospitals, health care facilities and other organizations in the health care industry find it a pain to go through paperwork on medical insurance. That is why they leave it in the hands of independent medical claims processors, also known as “coders”.#30. Copy writerPay: $71,000 annual averageIf you have superior writing skills, and you also have very good marketing skills and know-how, this work-from-home job is for you. From writing persuasive advertisements to providing creative content, your goal is to help drive sales.Many companies hire copywriters on a contractual basis, hiring them per project, or every time they have a marketing or advertising campaign to launch.#31. Information Technology (IT) SpecialistPay: Around $70,000 annuallyThe IT specialist provides IT support and troubleshooting services to companies and entrepreneurs. Some travel may be required, but most of the time tasks can be accomplished through telecommuting.#32. Public Relations SpecialistPay: $70,000 annual averagePR specialists need not go to work at an office every day, because they are just as effective when working from home. Their task is to help promote the company, elevate public awareness of the brand or the client.They mostly work with the media in all its various forms, and they can easily do that in their own home office.So what does a PR specialist do all day long? Find out! #33. Education Research SpecialistPay: Around $70,000 annuallyThe main task of the research specialist is to provide support to teachers in redesigning coursework, as well as developing educational resources. Although some travel may be required, he can conduct most of his research from home.#34. Full-time BookkeeperPay: $70,000 annual averageIt is not necessary for companies and entrepreneurs to pay the steep fees that Certified Public Accountants charge just so they can have someone to take charge of their books of accounts. A bookkeeper can do the job, and at a lower rate, too.#35. Product ReviewerPay: $87,000 annual averageThe highest-paid reviewers (those who do it full-time and managed to score a gig with the top-paying companies) may get paid up to $95,000 per year. Beginners, however, may have to start small, getting paid per review.#36. Underwrite rPay: $82,000 annuallyUnderwriters, on average, earn roughly $55,000 annually, but senior underwriters get close to $83,000. They are in charge of the analysis of businesses, data, loss experiences, loans and compliance of client companies. Most underwriters work in banks, but they may also take on contracts and freelance gigs#37. Virtual RecruiterPay: $75,000 annuallyMany companies, especially those without in-house human resource departments, outsource their recruitment processes to outside contractors. A recruiter’s job is to find qualified employees for the open position in the company that acquired his services. From home, they go through the different job boards and resume-posting websites.#38. Property ManagerPay:   $71,000 annuallyReal estate investments also require some management, and a property manager does exactly that. He helps owners of investment properties, homeowners and other real estate owners make decisions on how to preserve the value of their real estate pro perties, and increase their value. And they can do all that in their homes.#39. Travel AgentPay: $70,000 annuallyAt some point, a travel agent has to go out there and actually travel. However, many can pull it off even without stepping out of their doorway. Through telecommuting, he can make arrangements for transportation, accommodation, and travel dates. He can also draw up itineraries and coordinate with key partners easily even without meeting them in person.#40. Telephone NursePay: At least $50,000 on a part-time basisRegistered nurses take on side jobs as “telephone nurses”, providing duties such as case management, treatment authorization and patient education over the phone with clients.#41. Survey TakerPay: $1 to $50 per survey (depending on number and types of surveys taken)A survey taker gets paid an average of $25 per survey taken and, if he takes at least 8 surveys per day, in a year, he’d be able to earn $73,000. The survey taker usually takes polls, shares his o pinions, answer questions and write short reviews. All these can be done from home, while keeping an eye on the kids.#42. Medical TranscriptionistPay: Around $17 per hour, depending on hours workedMedical transcriptionists are usually paid by the hour. Those who do it full time are likely to earn around $70,000 annually. The main tasks are transferring or transcribing codes from doctor’s notes into a document or a database. Knowledge and familiarity with medical language and jargon is required.#43. Virtual assistantPay: Around $16 to $30 per hourA virtual assistant does what an office assistant does. Entrepreneurs, businesspeople and small businesses that do not have time to handle day to day tasks usually taken care of by a personal office assistant or secretary will hire a virtual assistant to do it for them.Virtual assistants are usually assigned tasks such as email management, scheduling appointments, and organizing files. Full-time, annual salary may reach $65,000 to $70,000. #44. Virtual tutorPay: At least $25 per hour, depending on number of hours worked, and the area of expertiseTutors can now be found online for practically any field or area of expertise. For example, math teachers can have a side job of tutoring children over the internet.#45. Corporate English TrainerPay: At least $25 per hour (depending on number of hours)Native English speakers are sought after by non-English speaking clients working in companies and corporations in countries such as Japan and Korea.These companies encourage their employees to learn English, so they seek online trainers they can have English conversation practice sessions with. Established English trainers or tutors for corporate clients can earn as much as $65,000 in a year.#46. English tutorsPay: At least $15 per hour (depending on number of hours)Corporate clients are not the only ones who seek to learn how to speak English using online tools such as Skype and other internet video applications.Students from co untries such as Japan, Korea and France are the biggest clients of English tutors, who teach everything from grammar to conversational English. Of course, the primary skills that an English tutor must have are teaching and oral/verbal communication skills.#47. Social Media ManagerPay: Around $15 per hour, depending on the number of hours workedThis is a perfect job for people who are often at home and on the Internet. Companies may have their hands full, so they just hire the services of social media managers to administer their social media marketing and advertising.Basically, what they do is develop a social media marketing plan for the client, manage the client’s social media accounts and take care of the branding, again, through the use of social media. This may even require the social media manager to create content.#48. Tech Support ProviderPay: Around $13.50 per hour, depending on number of hours worked and area of expertiseThe job of a tech support provider is to assist in handling any technical issues that customers may have with a specific product. Manufacturers and sellers hire these tech support providers to field all calls looking for technical assistance.Again, all that is needed is a telephone, internet connection, communication skills, and knowledge or familiarity of the tech support provider about the technical issues encountered.#49. Customer Service RepresentativePay: At least $12 per hour, depending on number of hours workedYou have a working phone, a computer and internet connection, and you can work part-time or full-time as a customer service representative, without leaving the comfort of your own home.Online stores, large companies and other organizations hire these representatives on an hourly basis, and their task is to provide assistance to customers on matters such as sizes, product inquiries, placing orders and resolving conflicts.

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A Foreshadowing Conversation in Romeo and Juliet - Literature Essay Samples

In Romeo and Juliet, many ironic situations foreshadowing their doomed result. In the passage where Tybalt and Capulet debate at the masquerade feast, there are many lines that directly foreshadow two important components of the play: Romeo’s murder of Tybalt, and Romeo and Juliet’s efforts to hide their romance from their families. Their confrontation also introduces one of the play’s themes, the idea of adult wisdom over youth naivetà ©. Romeo and Juliet follows the story of two lovers who are bound apart by their rival families, the Montagues and the Capulets, who have been perpetually feuding for reasons unknown. Every character of the play is very loyal to their family. The play begins with Romeo’s infatuation with Rosaline; he says she is the most beautiful girl he has ever laid his eyes on, and her lack of reciprocal feelings makes him very upset. Benvolio, Romeo’s cousin, is determined to help Romeo overcome his feelings for Rosaline. They acquire invitations to the Capulet masquerade party, where Benvolio intends to distract Romeo with girls that are more beautiful than Rosaline, but Romeo just wants to go to the ball as an excuse to see her.As Romeo is making his way through the crowd, he lays his eyes on Juliet for the first time, and vocalizes his sudden infatuation with her. Tybalt, Juliet’s cousin and a confrontational fighter with a history with Romeo, identifies his voice, and immediately prepares to fight, as Capulet tells him to leave Romeo alone.In the passage in question, Tybalt hears Romeo and immediately asks his page to fetch his rapier. He explains to Capulet, his aunt’s husband, that this man is a Montague, and prepares to fight him. Capulet tells Tybalt to calm down, that Romeo is indeed a good man. â€Å"[Romeo] bears him like a portly gentleman, and, to say truth, Verona brags of him to be a virtuous and well-governed youth†. (V.iii.65-67) He says that he would never dare ins ult Romeo in his own house for all the wealth in the town, and tells Tybalt to tolerate him, and leave him alone. Capulet is the boss, after all, and Tybalt must not cause a riot among his guests. He talks down on Tybalt, telling him that he is a rude little boy and that his stupidity will come back to bite him (ironically, the very next day). At the end of the passage, Tybalt hints that Romeo’s appearance at the party will hurt him later. Capulet’s surprising praise of Romeo to Tybalt foreshadows two vital plot elements. Capulet tells Tybalt in this scene that Romeo is a well-revered gentleman, and that there is nothing to worry about regarding him—this is ironic because the very next day, Tybalt provokes Romeo in a fight (again), and Romeo ends up killing him. When one initially reads this scene, it just seems that Capulet is exhibiting his wisdom by being accepting of a rival family, but in hindsight, it is evident that Capulet’s praising of Romeo to T ybalt is just ironic foreshadowing pointing to his death around the corner. â€Å"You are a saucy boy. Is ‘t so, indeed? This trick may chance to scathe you† (I.v.82-83). Capulet warns Tybalt that his confrontational nature with Romeo will have its consequences shortly.Capulet’s praising of Romeo is also ironic because the whole effortful privatization of Romeo and Juliet’s relationship could have essentially been avoided if Juliet knew how her father truly felt about Romeo. With that knowledge, she likely would have told her parents about Romeo from the start, and never had to go through with Friar Lawrence’s crazy plan involving the sleeping potion, which resulted in both her and Romeo’s death. It is ironic that moments after Romeo first lays his eyes on Juliet, and begins the hiding of their relationship, Capulet praises the very man that Juliet is afraid will be unacceptable by her family.This confrontational scene also introduces the the me of adult wisdom verses childhood naivetà ©. Capulet speaks to Tybalt, â€Å"He shall be endured. What, Goodman boy! I say, he shall. Go to. Am I the master here, or you? Go to.† (I.v.76-78) He is setting his power straight with teenager, and making it clear that he must do as he says. He rhetorically questions, is it he in charge of the house, or naà ¯ve Tybalt? He affirms his authority, and then tells Tybalt that he is rude, and will pay for his actions. â€Å"You are a saucy boy. Is ‘t so, indeed? This trick may chance to scathe you† (I.v.82-83). Capulet warns Tybalt that he is more naà ¯ve than he thinks.This theme is exhibited through other characters too. When Romeo consults Friar Lawrence about his newfound love for Juliet and begs Lawrence to marry them, Friar Lawrence comments how suddenly his attention has shifted from Rosaline to Juliet. He comments on how recently he loved a different women, that â€Å"here upon thy cheek the stain doth sit/ Of an old tear that is not washed off yet.† (II.III.75-76) He questions how Romeo, with tears still on his cheek that he shed over his last woman, could possibly love this new woman already, and gives his opinions on relationships. He uses his authority to talk down to young Romeo, almost in a mocking way. They argue about what advice Lawrence had previously given Romeo, and Lawrence tells Romeo he told him to â€Å"bury† his love for Rosaline, not to replace it with another equally foolish alternative. â€Å"Not in a grave/ To lay one in, another out to have.† (II.iii.83-84) Even though he treats Romeo as a friend when he agrees to secretly marry them, he speaks to him as a father when he scolds him for loving so foolishly, and in such a fickle way. Right before Juliet arrives at the confession cell to be married, Friar Lawrence warns Romeo to be cautious about this seemingly perfect romance. â€Å"These violent delights have violent ends/ And in their triumph die , like fire and powder,/ Which, as they kiss, consume. The sweetest honey/ Is loathsome in his own deliciousness/ And in the taste confounds the appetite. Therefore love moderately. Long love doth so. Too swift arrives as tardy as too slow. â€Å" (II.v.9-15) He feels the need to give Romeo excessive amounts of romantic advice, because he has obviously exhibited childish, impulsive behavior throughout the play. Between committing his undying love for Rosaline, and then instantly declaring that he must marry Juliet, he is clearly not a rational thinker. This father-child theme of wisdom is also displayed when Capulet becomes upset that Juliet does not initially comply with his wishes and agree to marry Paris. When Juliet becomes enraged with this decision, Capulet gives her an earful for daring to defy his authority. He becomes upset that she is not acknowledging his authority and effort in finding her a suitable husband. â€Å"Mistress minion you/ Thank me no thankings, nor proud me no prouds,† (III.v.152-153). He scolds her for not thanking him, and condescends her childhood immaturity.He barely defends his argument as to why Paris would be a good suitor; rather, he preserves his position as her father, and that she should unconditionally accept his opinions as correct, and be grateful for his help. He essentially mocks her for being so naà ¯ve, and continues this theme of adults knowing best.Even when Romeo dies, his father becomes angry that Romeo got to the grave first; instead of being upset because of his death, his first remark is â€Å"O thou untaught! What manners is in this/ To press before thy father to a grave?† (V.iii.229-231). The play contains numerous examples of the adults patronizing the young characters’ impulsivity, and naivetà ©. This conflict between Capulet and Tybalt seems like a basic exchange, but it foreshadows future plot events by providing situational irony regarding things that happen in the near future. It also introduces one of the play’s key themes of adult wisdom over childhood naà ¯vetà ©, which appears multiple times throughout the rest of the play.

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Marketing Marketing Director At A University - 1504 Words

Marketing plays an important role in any company. There are many functions which are crucial to properly perform in order to have the best results. The particular administrative position I chose to research is a Marketing Director position. This marketing role is an extremely important one in every business, including universities. I chose to discuss the impact this role has on a university. The tools I used will be from reviewing literature and an interview I held. As previously mentioned, marketing plays an important role in any company because it reaches the ultimate consumer and targets relevant segments of the market. â€Å"Marketing is not a function of business, it’s the function of business† (Moorman Rust, p. 180). It also evaluates†¦show more content†¦180). This occurs in every marketing environment, including the university setting. The journal of marketing claims that contemporary research focusing on the value of shared knowledge and skills in organizations suggested that integrated approaches are necessary because most of the work in organizations cuts across different knowledge and skill domains. Moorman, and Rust (1999) shared knowledge is important in any company, including the marketing department at a university. The woman I chose to interview, Amera, Director of Markiting at Effat University in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, gave a lot of beneficial information about this subject. The following areas of the int erview are separated by topic: Roles of unit The goals of the marketing department consist of many fundamental functions of business administration. Marketers develop strategies for all of the university and ensure student satisfaction. They must also identify, develop, and evaluate marketing strategy based on many factors such as knowledge of the establishment objectives, market characteristics, and other cost factors. The unit must also evaluate the financial aspects of product development, such as budgets, research and development, and revenue. Marketing activities must also be formulated and directed to